Mary Palmer      Mary Palmer, University of Central Florida Professor Emerita and former College of Education Dean, has taught in pre-kindergarten through grade twelve schools, as well as colleges, universities, and community settings throughout the world. She is the delighted Grandma (aka, NaMa) of a brilliant toddler who loves to sing!  As president of Mary Palmer & Associates, LLC, a consulting group in education and the arts, she assists schools and community organizations in transforming their practices through the arts.  Dr. Palmer has served as senior author of multiple music textbook series published by Silver Burdett/Scott Foresman/Pearson.  Her widespread teaching experiences are evident in the global and practical perspective she brings to her work.   As founder of the Florida Alliance for Arts Education and a board member for numerous state and national organizations, she is a tireless advocate for arts education in schools and communities. Palmer hold’s Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees from the University of Illinois.  Her most recent publication written with Susan Rosoff, Teaching Through the ARTS:  WRITING provides materials and strategies for making the arts a central avenue for learning across the curriculum.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Susan Merrill Rosoff, served as the Curator of Education at Orlando Museum of Art where she developed many award winning programs and arts integrated educational gallery guides.  At the Museum, in addition to writing many educational brochures, she designed hands-on, brains-on learning kits for use by Head Start.  She led a team of teachers writing interdisciplinary units of study for elementary and middle school use that were made available statewide through the Florida Department of Education.  She worked directly with pre-kindergarten, elementary, and secondary level students, and with graduate and undergraduate art history students at the University of Central Florida.  As head of Susan Merrill Rosoff Arts and Museum Consulting, LLC, she focuses on arts integration in her work with schools and museums.  Rosoff holds a B.A. in English from Briarcliff College, and an M.A. in art museum studies from Norwich University.  Susan is co-author of Teaching Through the ARTS:  WRITING. 

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