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Let’s Go to the Art Museum!

An art museum can provide an interactive journey into fun and imaginative play rather than an day of drudgery.  Here are five easy ways to make visiting an art museum fun and filled with new ways of looking at art.

  1. Play Eye Spy.   If you can go to the museum ahead of time (or check out the exhibit online), pre-plan your visit by selecting some art with details that will be fun to explore with your child. E11167.jpg      Edward Hicks, Peaceable Kingdom, ca. 1834

With your little ones, you might want to read a little about the museum before visiting.  A delightful children’s book, You Can’t Take a Balloon into the Metropolitan Museum by Jacqueline Preiss Weitzman and Robin Glasser, provides an important tip as well as a glimpse of the inside of one of America’s famous museums.


2. Strike a Pose.  Pretend to become the person you see in the portrait. Imitate his pose in a portrait. Pay attention to details as you re-create the person.

  • Where are his eyes looking?
  • How are his feet placed?
  • What mood is he showing?

E10562.jpgGilbert Stuart, The Skater (Portrait of William Grant), 1782

3.  Step into a landscape.  If you could walk into this landscape, what route would you take?  What would you be doing?

??????????????????????????????John Constable, Wivenhoe Park, Essex, 1816

 4.  Create a story.

Pretend that this painting tells the middle of your story.  What happened before the scene that you see?  What will happen after the scene that you see?  Who are the characters?  What might they say?

A18254.jpg     Claude-Joseph Vernet, The Shipwreck, 1772


5.  Don’t stay too long.   Everybody gets tired feet !   Plan a return visit for another day.

????????????????????????????????????????????????Detail, Horatio Greenough, George Washington, 1840

Make Museum-going a part of your child’s life experience.  Interacting with what is exhibited helps to build attention span, attention to detail, ability to empathize, ability to see life throughout history, and lots more.  We hope that you’ll plan your first or next visit soon.  Remember that Museum exhibits change frequently, so repeat visits yield new opportunities.

Mary and Susan